Eye of the Eclipse

God of War, Egyptian style!

What is Eye of the Eclipse?

Eye of the Eclipse is a Shooter & Brawler prototype for a cyberpunk Egyptian mythology setting game. It was inspired by the Faction Paradox series of audio dramas and the God of War series of video games. I developed it on my own as a solo project.

If you can't see the embeded PDF below, HERE is a direct link to the file for you.

In the beginning, was the Ogdoad. They were the primordial voices of the endless waters, the breath of life, the absolute darkness of the deep, and the eternal void within which existence is. They were ruled by the Allserpent, Apep, embodiment of the Eclipse, who bound them in his coils. In defiance, the lesser elementals helped birth the Eternal Sun, Ra, to overthrow Apep, casting down the old serpent into the abyss so that Ra might bathe the world in his brilliance.

Then came the Ennead. Young and powerful gods, they wished for man's devotion, and sought to overthrow the Ogdoad. On the eve of what looked to be start of a thousand years of blood, the Ennead assumed power, not through force, but through guile. They convinced the populi that their leader, Atum, was the living avatar of the Eternal Sun, Ra. The people rejoiced that 'Ra' might walk among them, and thus did the Ennead consume the Ogdoad and come to the throne in a bloodless coup.

Centuries later, devout followers of the Ogdoad of old have discovered the tricks and treachery of Atum's secret, and have declared an end to the imposter's reign. War has broken out, headed by the major clans of each side. Under the banner of the Ogdoad, Khepri, the Scarab God has been called forth once again by the voice of the Eternal Sun, while in the house of the Ennead, Horus, current ruler of the Osirian Courts, has summoned forth his armies for battle.

Making use of this distraction, Apep, deep within his prison, has begun the first step in his plan for vengeance. He has used this opportunity to birth Io, the Eye of his Eclipse, to exact his judgment upon the usurpers to his throne, Ogdoad and Ennead alike.