Sometimes, death is just a half rest...

What is Forlorn?

Forlorn is ASCII Rhythm-Based Silent Hill

Forlorn is a surrealistic, text-based, exploration-and-puzzle oriented adventure title with elements of combat based on a rhythmic meter and overtones of subtle horror.

Forlorn is the story of a young woman who awakens on the shore of the coast of a small, secluded village in the countryside of Spain. She doesn't know who she is or what's going on, and must explore the strange hamlet to solve its ghostly mysteries.

Forlorn utilizes a unique combat engine, where the player must play the keyboard as a piano to counter the various attacks coming their way.

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The GDD for Forlorn can be downloaded here.

What I Did

On this project I acted as the technical director, co-designer, and co-artist. To this end I wrote code for game-play modules to communicate with each other, helped code the parser system, coded the auto-mapping system, designed and wrote all the story text for the haunted ship area, helped design the overall story of the game, and created half of the promotional & concept art for the game.

Here is some of the Artwork I did for the game :

picture picture picture picture

The rest of the art I made for the game can be found here, in its dedicated gallery.