In Space, No One Can Hear You Roll The Dice...

What is Parasite?

Parasite is a solo-play dice game inspired by the Aliens franchise of films and the haunting works of H R Giger. I developed it on my own using Giger's art and supplies found at local game & craft stores.

You awake, along with your fellow crew-mates, in the corridors of the derelict spacecraft you have been exploring. You feel somewhat nauseated, and suddenly remember what happened; you were ambushed by aliens, who implanted their eggs inside you! Now, you and your team, armed with space-age weaponry, must fight your way through the aliens back to your ship before the eggs inside you hatch!

If you can't see the embeded PDF below, HERE is a direct link to the file for you.

The Outer Double Dice represent you and your crew, the Inner Double Dice representing the parasites inside of you. The Other Dice represent the aliens you are trying the defeat in order to escape to your ship.

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