About Me

Because really, who else would I talk about here?

About Me

I am a professional programmer and graduate of the DigiPen Institute of Technology. I have several years experience thereof in programming and some experience in game design. I was most recently employed at VRstudios, working on the new Knott's Berry Farm VR Experience and other projects.

Prior to that, I was at SAIC Seattle, working on America's Army: Proving Grounds, and other projects, and a small studio called Fugazo Games and worked on a number of titles, including Golden Ticket and World Mosaics Chroma.

Oh hey, did I mention I got some short fiction published? Yeah! That's right! Head on over to Obverse Books and check out my short piece in Iris: Fifteen, anthology of Doctor Who spinoff stories. I've also got a bit speaking role in the audio (soon to be video) Doctor Who spinoff The Minister of Chance! Exciting stuff, I know!

My Interests

Aside from an absolute love of anything Doctor Who, I have a great interest in weird fiction. I own the complete original works of Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E Howard, H P Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, Robert W Chambers, Algernon Blackwood, & others.

I obviously enjoy video games a great deal. I own all the current generation of systems & handhelds, and greatly enjoy many titles for each, including Metroid, God of War, Sly Cooper, Dead Space, The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Final Fantasy, Shadow of the Colossus & Ico, Fable, Warcraft, Diablo, Picross, & many many others.

I have a great love for science fiction & fantasy books and movies. I own and enjoy all of the Alien films, the Lord of the Rings films, books, and more, the works of Roger Zelazny, in particular his Chronicles of Amber, the works of Diana Wynne Jones, various Dungeons & Dragons books and guides, the Dark Sun setting in particular, and many more than I can count at the moment.