Death's Knell

You spin me right round, baby, right round.

You'll Never Make It!

What is Death's Knell?

Death's Knell is a Single-Player campaign Mod made in the Unreal Tournament 3 editor.

Death's Knell was about a strange degraded kingdom in which the player appeared. A lone figure claiming to be the king had you going about purifying the ghosts of the wretched souls that had caused the ruin of his domain. Eventually you found that the king himself was the most corrupt of all, and would fight him in the end.

What Went Right

The team came together well and all liked the theme and premise. We each set about doing a separate level and helped each other figure out just what we were doing in the UT3 Editor. Our levels came together well and we figured out how to do a Hub level that the player would return to after completing each level in turn. The music selection and look & feel of all the levels is spectacular.

What Went Wrong, & How We Dealt With It

With the time still available to us, we were unable to figure out how to effectively do NPC's. We had to scrap the king, and most of the rest of the ghosts. We were able to semi-implement the character of the witch, so we put her in all of the levels as a sort of ever-present threat.

Because the main point of the game was gone, our levels designed for slow exploration were now large & empty. After some brainstorming, we decided to have the Witch continually drain your health, having the player race through the levels grabbing pick-ups to stay alive.

While not what we originally intended or envisioned, the end result was still quite enjoyable and thrilling to play through.